Talks at PyCon 2022

Writing maintainable software at scale

(by Andrew Godwin)

Andrew will be essentially taking a look at what it takes to write software that you, and others, can maintain easily, rather than focusing purely on how easy it is to write initially.

Book Report

(by Larry Hastings)

Super search with OpenSearch and Python

(by Laysa Uchoa)

This session covers how to use OpenSearch to perform both simple and advanced searches on semi-structured data such as a product database. 

Programming Minecraft with Python

(by Anand S)

This talk is a guide to the reverse-engineered Minecraft WebSocket protocol, and how to control make Minecraft do anything using Python.

Building GraphQL APIs using Python and Type Hints

(by Patrick Arminio)

In this talk we'll see in detail what GraphQL is, why it exists and why you should use it. We'll also see how we can implement a GraphQL API using Strawberry and Python's type hints.

Fault Handling with Pyfailsafe and Python in microservices architecture

(by Devlin Duldulao)

In this talk, Devlin will show you a step-by-step process of building two simple Python API services and working with the retry-circuit breaker design patterns to ensure we can handle any transient faults that may occur when one service calls the other.

Cloud native image processing

(by Lauri Võsandi)

Lauri is coming back to Pycon Estonia, this year to present a motion detection software he implemented for use at

Integration tests made easy with Testcontainers

(by Oleg Šelajev)

In this talk with Oleg, we'll go over the principles and abstractions testcontainers use and other details useful for writing efficient test with Testcontainers.

Crunching data to catch fraud

(by Rivo Laks)

In this talk, Rivo, who is a fraud team lead at Veriff will show how his team built a solution for quickly accessing that data at scale and running analytical queries on it.

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