Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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"Accelerating Digital Transformation in Healthcare" by Sander M├Ąttas
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Key Consultation Outputs

By the end of the free consultation with Thorgate, you can expect to achieve the following key outputs helping you create a fool-proof E-health software! 
Lean Requirements
Learn why starting to build the product with more than a few features will NEVER work - and what to do instead!
Development Strategy 
We discuss successful product development strategy that can help you decrease time-to-market and save money & time.
Technical Solutions
We can help you figure out the technical solutions to your product requirements as we fully understand healthcare product needs
Our goal is to equip product owners with the right information. With these key outputs you can choose to use our expert consultant's advice within your internal team, another team you'd like to work with or even if you work with us.

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E-health Case Studies

Some of our projects accelerating digital transformation in healthcare


Thorgate designed a data gathering and management platform to carry out drug repurposing through artificial intelligence (AI)

See Case Study

TXP Chat

HIPAA-compliant communication system for the unique needs of Transplant Centers and Organ Procurement Organizations.

See Case Study

Nordic Braintech

We develop a digital therapist on a smartphone and wireless sensors to give people with migraines a home-based biofeedback treatment.